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Private school in Arturo Soria (María Lombillo)

Brains María Lombillo is an international school in the Arturo Soria area of Madrid that teaches every subject in English except Spanish language and mathematics. Our classes are equipped with the latest educational technology. Our students grow up having fun and enjoying our different playgrounds.

New Passivhaus Building

(Español) Brains Lombillo 9 es un colegio sostenible que utiliza los recursos de la arquitectura bioclimática para proteger el medio ambiente. Enfocado en el ahorro energético, este edificio es capaz de renovar el aire automáticamente cuando los niveles de CO2 aumentan, acrecentando el confort, la capacidad de concentración de los alumnos y evitando la somnolencia.
Además, cuenta también con espacios de aprendizaje versátiles, tanto interiores como exteriores. Un buen ejemplo de ello es que una planta entera está dedicada a la construcción, mantenimiento y cuidado de un jardín natural que será 100% responsabilidad de los propios alumnos, fomentando en ellos el respeto por la naturaleza y por el planeta.

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Evolution and development

Primary Years Programme (PYP)

In Brains María Lombillo, PYP plays a key role. This international programme, taught in English (with the exception of Spanish Language and Mathematics), prepares students to be more active, respectful, supportive and hungry to learn for the rest of their lives.

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Brains education

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We practise all different aspects of music in a fun way, providing all the necessary tools for our students to enjoy, create and understand the artistic language. We will sing, dance, play instruments, read music, practise active listening and discover the historical and cultural aspects of music without overlooking new technologies.

French and German

Firstly, we focus on speaking so our students can understand the language and communicate abroad. After Primary 4, we also include writing, which enables students to form more complex sentences and understand the language structure. All lessons are practical, communicative and recreational.


Our student choir carry out voice training exercises aimed at voice projection and correction in order to prepare and perform a repertoire at the school functions.


Students will focus on theatrical aspects, script approach, body language, voice projection, diction, positioning, costumes, staging, rehearsals, stage fright, etc. In addition, they will work on choreography and prepare a play for the school end-of-year party.

Coding and robotics

This activity focuses on robotics and programming applied to robotics, drones, etc. Students will discover electronic badges like Arduino, combining electronics and computer programming. We will also work on design, including digital worlds, augmented reality, and 3D printing and design.


KIVA is an anti-bullying programme implemented in all educational stages. Not only does it focus on the key players of the conflict, but also on those who witness, allow or encourage it.


Cross training

We will carry out different workouts in a specialised Box, combining gymnastics (rings, handstands, balance), weightlifting and metabolic training.

Dante Book Club

Every month we launch a reading challenge and students meet in the Library to exchange different views on the books chosen. Reading opens your mind, feeds your soul, fills you with joy and excitement; and we wish to make it a part of our students’ lives.  


Fully Equipped


Our school classrooms are spacious, fitted with the latest technology and natural lighting. All our students benefit from these open spaces in their curricular and extracurricular activities.

Playgrounds and outdoor facilities

Brains María Lombillo playgrounds are divided by educational stages. The Preparatory area is suited to the needs of our smallest students, including swings and rubber mulch floors. Primary and Secondary students can enjoy our outdoor sports facilities and new basketball courts.


A space for experimental science, where students can appreciate the advantages of scientific methodology and put theoretical concepts into practice, analysing and verifying every step of their research projects. 


This is an essential area of our international educational programme. Open to all our Brains community, the library is a space where information and books are available to everyone. Guided reading, free reading, teamwork and individual study sessions make our library an ideal multi-tasking environment.


Organic garden

Our garden aims to raise environmental awareness, encourage healthy eating habits and promote a cooperation mentality. Students will witness the plants’ growing and experience this process first hand.


Climbing wall

Climbing offers students the chance to acquire a wide variety of motor skills and a sense of effectiveness.

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Action Protocol

Brains International Schools is open for business. Our purpose is to continue to develop an educational project in which we offer our pupils a face-to-face, full-time academic programme, while taking into account at every level all the social distancing, and personal and preventive hygiene measures that are published by the different health and education bodies.

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(Español) Brains Warrior Kids

(Español) “Brains Warrior Kids” inicia su aventura en 2019, dentro de los contenidos curriculares del área de Educación Física, de 4º a 6º de Primaria, en Brains María Lombillo.
Una práctica deportiva innovadora y muy motivadora, centrada en una serie de contenidos a nivel cardiovascular, de fuerza y OCR (técnica de obstáculos) y envuelta en una serie de circuitos y sistemas de entrenamiento adecuados a cada alumno y nivel. Esta actividad aporta las condiciones necesarias para que el alumno desarrolle y explote sus capacidades y cualidades físicas, combinando el entrenamiento con el componente lúdico imprescindible en cualquier deporte. El objetivo principal de Brains Warrior Kids es el conocimiento y la superación de obstáculos, introduciendo elementos y entrenamientos innovadores para que los alumnos se diviertan y se conviertan en auténticos “warriors”, capaces de enfrentarse a nuevos retos con la confianza y la seguridad que aporta a esta disciplina el código ético japonés “Bushido” y las 7 virtudes del Camino del Guerrero.
La actividad se complementará con competiciones como la Farinato Race, una de las carreras de obstáculos más importantes a nivel nacional, ligas internas, eventos deportivos, representación en carreras de obstáculos a nivel nacional, jornadas deportivas “en familia”, incluso con la posible apertura de un grupo adulto a nivel extraescolar.

(Español) Perfil Instagram:

Working as principal for Brains Mª Lombillo is an exciting challenge. My teaching years and commitment to competitive sport have allowed me to acquire principles and values such as honesty, determination, effort and desire for self-improvement, which are all indispensable when undertaking this job. Our goal here at Brains is to offer our students a motivating environment to share experiences that can help them develop skills and build their future on a solid foundation, allowing them to face the world through a more critical approach. This mentality, moulded by our educational community, makes Brains a unique institution.

Cristina Miralles

Directora Brains International School María Lombillo

Actividades extraescolares en Madrid (zona Arturo Soria)


Chess encourages self-discipline and concentration, promotes logical and formal thinking, and enhances reasoning skills.

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Our main goal is to develop core competences in education. We’ll learn through play, as having fun is always the main feature in our judo practice.

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The main objective of our workshop is that every student develops artistic skills to suit their personal abilities.
Promoting creativity and observation in a dynamic way, through the study of the main techniques of graphic-plastic expression. Ver video

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Starting in Primary 3. Our club provides qualified coaches for all ages. B-R-A-I-N-S Methodology (Ball, Rapidity, Attack, Intelligence, Nobility, Solidarity).

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We offer children (aged 3 and above) and teens and the chance to take on music studies or develop their skills in an instrument while making learning fun.


We focus on fostering our students’ passion for modern dance while
they learn different dance styles.


Our academy teaches ballet classes two days a week for children aged 4 and above. We offer amateur lessons for all ages and professional lessons in the evenings.


Our students in Brains International School take both French and German classes up to Primary 3. In Primary 4, they opt to continue one of these languages. In this extracurricular activity, we offer the chance to continue coursing the language discarded by the student in order to continue follow through with the Brains Schools multilingual project.

(Español) Club de Debate

(Español) La motivación principal para crear esta actividad es enseñar a los alumnos a desarrollar las habilidades sociales adecuadas de oratoria, debate y opinión; así como entrenarles en aquellas aptitudes que les serán necesarias en su futuro personal y profesional.

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The Summer Camp in Brains María Lombillo is the best opportunity for your children to enjoy an unforgettable summer without leaving Madrid.
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