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Brains Lombillo 9 – Primer premio 2021 Passive House Award Europeo

Brains|15 September, 2021

¡Estamos de celebración!

Brains Lombillo 9 ha obtenido el primer premio 2021 Passive House Award Europeo. Todo ello gracias a su gran diseño, rentabilidad, innovación, suministro de energía y sostenibilidad.


“It is a project that raises an exempt volume, set back in all the limits of the plot. It is conceived as two programmatic volumes: a general one, which houses on two floors the program of classrooms, laboratories, changing rooms, toilets and a raised garden; and a single-storey volume that will house the access, reception, reprography and hall.
The orientation of the plot and its relationship with the buildings of the Brains School of María Lombillo 5, condition the position of the building in the northeast area of the plot, turning its back to the surrounding buildings and opening to the two plots through an “L” structure on the second floor, which opens to the south in the elevated garden.
The garden spaces and vegetation play a fundamental role in the project. Located in front of the glass facades to the south, both on the first floor and second floor (elevated garden), they protect the interior spaces by means of deciduous trees.”


¡En Brains siempre apostamos por la innovación!

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