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International Area

International Area

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Pedro Moreno as the Director of the International Area at Brains International Schools. This is a new area created for the entire Brains Group with the aim of strengthening our presence and participation in the global educational community. The mission of the International Area of Brains International Schools is to promote a globalized and high-quality education that prepares our students to compete and excel in an increasingly interconnected world. By promoting academic excellence, cultural diversity, and inclusion, facilitating access to international educational opportunities, and creating a conducive environment for the learning and personal growth of all our students, both local and foreign.

International Area

The International Area will be composed of a team of professionals dedicated to carrying out the following activities:

Admission and Orientation of International Students:

Facilitating the admissions process for foreign students, including the evaluation of their credentials and assistance in obtaining visas. Additionally, providing guidance and support during their transition to the new educational environment.

Development and Implementation of International Programs:

Initiating the development of curricula in some of our schools that meet the standards of international organizations such as the IB and NEASC.

Creation of International Experiences:

Through the “Brains Passport” project, high school students will have the opportunity to undergo language immersion in selected countries for a short period during the academic year. This will provide them with a culturally enriching experience on an international level, visiting projects synergistic with entrepreneurship, culture, and art, alongside students from Madrid and the Canary Islands in an exclusive environment.

Collaboration with International Universities:

Establishing relationships and collaborating with foreign universities to facilitate the admission process for our students, providing them with opportunities to study abroad.

Promotion of Diversity and Inclusion:

Fostering an inclusive school environment that celebrates cultural and linguistic diversity. This may include specific mentoring and support programs for foreign students, as well as activities that promote intercultural understanding, following the appropriate protocol for the cultural immersion of our expatriate students

Linguistic Support:

Offering language learning programs for students who need to improve their language skills, both for integration into the school environment and to meet academic requirements.

Accommodation and Logistics:

Coordinating accommodation services for international students, whether in student residences, host families, or agreements with local accommodations. Additionally, managing logistical matters related to the arrival, transportation, and basic needs of foreign students.

World Engagement

Exchange and Language Immersion Programmes

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Canada (Secondary 2, 3 and 4)


  • Studying in a Canadian school with native students.
  • Staying with a host family.
  • 10 weeks.
  • Date: September – November

British English Olympics

Our Secondary students can take part in the British English Olympics. The main purpose of this event is to promote public speaking and carry out presentations in an international environment. Participants will travel to London to take part in a series of workshops and competitions following a main subject, as well as presentations, debates, improvisations, etc. In addition, they will have the opportunity to meet students their age from all over the world, as the event has representatives from twenty different countries.

This two-week intensive programme is aimed at developing skills such as critical thinking, critical analysis, problem solving, leadership, public speaking, teamwork, negotiation, debating, and a persuasive and convincing use of the English language.

Last year was the first time we took part in the event, where we won the coveted ‘Mystery Challenge’ award.

The Masters

The programme consists of twelve days of Business lessons in London and is aimed at Baccalaureate 1 students. In these classes, students learn strategies to sell products, understand the importance of their design, set financial goals, launch a marketing plan, analyse competition, and launch a brand and its main objectives. Students will gain first hand experience in a company in London, where they will learn their modus operandi and business model. Participants will stay in Christ’s Hospital School or Royal Holloway School.



Collection campaign for children, suited to their needs (hygiene products, T-shirts, underwear, footwear and clothing for children up to 6 years of age, and food for breakfast.

CHARITY CHRISTMAS TREE. An ornament for a dream come true.

A Charity Christmas tree is set up in the school hall, full of Christmas ornaments with the name and age of a boy or girl from the Comunidad Nazaret centre. Those families interested can choose one of these ornaments and bring a present for the child.


It has been more than a decade since we first started working alongside SETEM NGO, creating awareness about the Northern-Southern inequality and promoting a fairer world through our solidarity market.

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