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International School in Telde

Our outstanding team of professionals and unique facilities have allowed this school to become the first Apple Distinguished School in Gran Canaria, an international recognition to our ongoing effort in educational innovation. 


Evolution and development

Secondary education

In this stage we follow our international curriculum, where languages, ICT, education in values and daily sport encourage students to play a leading role for their own educational process. This is all possible thanks to active methodologies and taking lessons in English (with the exception of Spanish Language, Mathematics and Physical Education).


Brains education

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Programming and robotics

Our students discover programming language, robotics, design through professional video editing and 3D Printing with the help of numerous tools such as Swift, Arduino or Final Cut Pro X.

Programme 1:1 and BYOM (Bring your own Mac)

Brains schools belong to the ADS network (Apple Distinguished Schools), a special recognition by Apple for our ongoing innovation in learning and teaching, as well as in our school facilities, offering our students the latest technology from an early age. In Secondary, we mainly work with two programmes:

  • Programme 1:1 (One iPad per student) where each student works with their own iPad from Primary 5 to Secondary 4.
  • BYOM Programme (Bring your own Mac) in Baccalaureate where students work with their own MacBook.

AATCe (Apple Authorised Training Centre for Education)

Our school is distinguished as an AATCe (Apple Authorised Training Centre for Education), which allows us to certify our students and teaching staff in professional Apple tools linked to creativity and programming.

Debate club

In the debate club, we promote critical thinking, communication and research skills among our students. During the year, students will participate in different activities where they will learn debating techniques and debate about different topics learnt throughout the year, encouraging cooperative and interdisciplinary work.

French and German

Our language lessons are eminently practical and focus on communication skills, promoting the language fluency and communication skills that learning a foreign language requires. In Secondary, students can choose between both languages and continue with this learning process until they achieve the DELF (Alliance Française) or FIT (Goethe Institute) certificates.


The programme’s main objective is to reduce bullying in school in three different ways:

  • Using different strategies, practical tools and methodology to train the teaching staff to take action in any bullying situation.
  • Helping students to recognise their own feelings and their partners’, reinforcing their value system to confront bullying.
  • Providing families with information on bullying, offering them tips on how to identify it and play a more active role in the family-school communication.

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Official IELTS Headquarters

[:en]Brains International School Teide is an official IELTS (International English Language Testing System) centre, the only centre in the Canary Islands offering the online version of this exam. IELTS certification is recognised worldwide, and is an official guarantee of proficiency in the language. Therefore, having this qualification is highly recommended, whether for travelling abroad to work or study, or for career advancement, even in a non-English speaking country, since one of the essential requirements for promotion is, undoubtedly, proficiency in English.

What are the advantages of taking the IELTS exam online?

  • A faster registration process and quicker results (from 3 to 5 days).
  • Improved concentration in the Listening part of the exam.
  • The possibility of modifying your answers, always within the time limit set for the exam.
  • The guarantee of neat, legible answers (no crossings out or problems with illegible handwriting, etc.).

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Apple Distinguished School

One of the most important characteristics of the Brains International School Group has always been its ability to remain a benchmark in the field of educational innovation. This year, thanks to the unity and homogeneity of the educational project that exists in all Brains schools, Apple has awarded the Apple Distinguished School distinction and certification to the entire institution, making it one of the first in the world to obtain such recognition.

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Fully equipped

Module A classrooms

The classrooms are built into a manor house which is historical heritage, with wooden floors and beams that turn this building into a landmark. In here, we can find the secretary’s office, computing room, LED luminaires with lighting control, library, and technology and art classrooms.

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Module B classrooms

Classrooms, music room and a recreation area.

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Module C classrooms

A glass building with lighting control, soundproofing, high-resistance flooring, personal lockers outside every classroom, wireless TVs and meeting points. This module is divided into classrooms, laboratories, audiovisual and multimedia room, dining room, assembly hall and a multipurpose space.

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Sports field

Basketball courts, football pitches and an indoor gym.


We offer different recreational and sports areas for our students to enjoy their free time.

A school like no other

Brains Telde facilities are the most unique on the island. During construction, we were aiming not only for a student-friendly school, but also an environmentally-friendly one. Consequently, this building is designed based on bioclimatic architecture parameters, making the most of natural resources including sunlight, vegetation, wind and rain, always respecting native species. In fact, Brains Telde is the only space in Gran Canaria where you can find every native species on the island.

Brains Store

Our new online store Brains Store is now available, for the purchase of uniforms.

The payment of your purchases will be through virtual POS.

Regarding the shipment of your orders, we inform you that you will have the option of home delivery or store collection (both in Las Palmas and in Telde), during public service hours (from 8:45 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. ) and always once they have confirmation that they can pick it up.

Brains Store

After more than 10 years working in early childhood and primary education, it is a pleasure for me to accompany students in the secondary and high school stage. It will be an honor for me to work with them and provide them with education, support, security, and assistance to see them grow, to see them develop individually but also socially with an international mindset, being guides to their learning, where they value languages but above all the values they have learned during their years in our schools. We know that in our schools, we can provide everything they need to achieve their goals and become the individuals they want to be and pursue the careers that make them happy.

Lorena Díaz

Principal at Brains International School Telde
Extracurricular activities

Extracurricular activities in Brains Telde

Debate Club

We combine sports values, discipline, effort, overcoming challenges, and determination as the main objectives of this activity.

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The main motivation for creating this activity is to teach students to develop proper social skills in public speaking, debating, and expressing opinions, as well as to train them in the abilities that will be necessary for their future personal and professional endeavors.

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English - Spanish after school

The activity will be carried out with a minimum of 5 students.

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Arts and Crafts

2 weekly periods.

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Music Club

2 weekly periods.

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The activity will be carried out with a minimum of 5 students.

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