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Educational stages

We join our Brains students through all their educational stages so that when they finish school, they can do anything they set their minds to.

Educational commitment

Each one of our students is special and unique. They all have different talents that we, as teachers, must help develop and maximise. Richness lies in variety, which is why our main focus is to educate our students academically and emotionally through an integral and personalised education.

Infants education

Our students in Infants Education experience a full English immersion from the age of 8 months, learning a second language effortlessly through games and by exploring their environment. They start learning French and German from the age of 3 and introduce technology in their learning process. They grow up being active and developing their creativity and critical thinking skills in a safe environment which will feel like a second home to them.

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Primary education

Students begin Primary knowing how to read and write in English and Spanish, which allows them to express themselves naturally and fluently in both languages. New technologies, daily sport and our values programme complement our educational project: an international education of excellence.

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Secondary education

Secondary education is especially designed to strengthen knowledge acquired in Primary and as realistic approach to their future after Baccalaureate. At a personal level, adolescence entails a big change for our students regarding personal and social relations, which is why our educational project in this stage undergoes constant change, helping them solve all their doubts and accompanying them on their journey to become the adults they wish to be.

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In the last two years of school, our Baccalaureate students acquire the necessary academic maturity and independence to successfully face their university and work future.

Students follow the ‘BYOD’ (Bring Your Own Device) programme, where they can use any personal device as a learning tool (except their mobile phone). In addition, they reinforce their sports routine and technological skills, two aspects we hope they will continue to perfect in their personal and professional future.

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School Masters

Programming a Formula 1 simulator (e-sports), introducing students to real occupations related to biomedical and health sciences, working on criminology and forensic language concepts like delinquency, research and crime, launching a start-up, etc. The Brains International School Masters are the key to the education of the future, specifically designed for Brains students to make a difference.

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