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Private bilingual school in Las Palmas including Infant Education

In Brains Las Palmas, we offer integral formation aimed at educational excellence for Nursery, Infants and Primary students. Permanency is assured for Secondary and Baccalaureate in our amazing school Brains Telde. Our family environment, personalised attention towards students and families, values programme, new technologies, the international learning system and daily sport make Brains Las Palmas one of the best international schools on the island.


Evolution and development[

Infant Education

During the 5 years of this educational stage, children will acquire skills such as language development, fine and gross motor skills, hygiene and eating habits, social skills and fluency in English.

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Brains education

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Sensory development (Snoezelen philosophy)

At Brains Las Palmas, we have properly resourced classrooms that favour stimulation and sensory development in our Infants students. This helps them discover and experiment through their senses, encouraging a holistic development in our students.

Coding & Robotics

We focus on computational thinking starting at the age of 3, with the help of simple tools that enable them to develop skills such as problem solving, organising ideas, etc. Some of these tools include the board game Robot Turtles or the Bee-Bot and Code-a-Pillar robots.


At Brains Las Palmas, we consider it is the perfect moment for our younger ones to develop music awareness, making the most of their growing language and hearing skills. This is one of the many reasons why we offer violin lessons based on the Suzuki philosophy from ages 3 – 5.


Teaching chess as a curricular activity for Nursery and Infant students (ages 3-5) promotes logical and mathematical thinking, including spatial and numerical concepts. Working in teams or in pairs will also help to enhance the students’ social skills.

French and German

From the age of 3, students will have their first contact with a language different to English. In the most entertaining way possible, students will learn to identify different sounds in French or German through songs and games. Our dynamic classes will allow children to learn through play and try to communicate in a different language.


During the third evaluation, Primary students will develop their physical abilities through swimming. Furthermore, this sport favours the students’ harmonious development at an age of considerable body growth, avoiding any possible injuries in their spine.

Encouraging reading

Our Reading Plan focuses on our students’ rhythm and taste. To do so, each class has their own library where students can choose the books their most interested in. In addition, we organise weekly activities specifically aimed at reading comprehension and creativity enhancement.


Fully equipped

Infants Building

There are three floors where we have:
· Ground floor: Infants Secretary’s Office, offices, classrooms for Young
Learners, 1- and 2-year-olds, and one classroom for 5-year-olds.
· 1 st. floor: Classrooms for 3- and 4-year-olds
· 2 nd. floor: Classrooms for 4-year-olds and rooftop terrace
· Playgrounds and motor skills room

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Primary Building

5 floors which include:
· Floor -1: Dining room and rotunda
· Floor 0: Classrooms and kitchen
· Floor 1: Primary Secretary’s Office, classrooms, Senior Management office, sickbay
· Floor 2: Classrooms
· Floor 3: Rooftop terrace where P.E. currently takes place.

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Our school classrooms are spacious, luminous and offer the latest technology (ICT), all adapted to our students’ age.


We have several age-specific playgrounds, including: a 1-year-old playground suited to our youngest students, a 3, 4 and 5-year-old playground filled with toys and games, and a bigger playground for our Primary students with a small basketball court.

Specialised rooms

These include a gym, a psychomotricity room, a sensory development room, music room, library and even a school garden where children will learn to grow and take care of the plants, as well as harvesting crops.

Basketball courts

Our school is fitted with and outdoor minibasketball court and an indoor gym with basketball and minibasketball hoops.

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Our new online shop Brains Store is available for the purchase of uniforms.

The payment of your purchases will be through virtual POS.

With regard to the delivery of your orders, you will have the option of home delivery or collection from the shop (both, in Brains Las Palmas and Brains Telde), during opening hours (from 8:45 to 16:45) once you have confirmation that you can collect your order.

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Apple Distinguished School

One of the most important characteristics of the Brains International School Group has always been its ability to remain a benchmark in the field of educational innovation. This year, thanks to the unity and homogeneity of the educational project that exists in all Brains schools, Apple has awarded the Apple Distinguished School distinction and certification to the entire institution, making it one of the first in the world to obtain such recognition.

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[:en]‘Schools must serve as guidance to every student towards curiosity and knowledge. Every child can learn, just not at the same pace nor in the same way. It is the teachers’ duty to discover the key to learning and help each of our students gain knowledge. Experiences are what make this process much more enriching, and it is the school’s responsibility to enable learning through opportunities and activities that help guide and increase knowledge. We provide and we build!

Sarai Rodríguez

Principal at Brains International School Las Palmas

Extracurricular activities in Brains Las Palmas


We unite sports values, discipline, effort, overcoming, and determination as the main objectives of this activity. Contact: Alejandro Gutiérrez Phone: 649458230 Email:

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Rhythmic gymnastics combines ballet, dance and gymnastics moves with the use of different objects such as clubs, balls, ribbons, ropes or hoops. 

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Judo Academy

Basketball reinforces universal values such as effort, discipline and self-improvement, helping students achieve a well-rounded education. Tlf: 630416460

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Check out our camps

Summer Camp

Get ready for an amazing experience in our Brains Las Palmas summer camp! You will learn to make cupcakes, scrapbooking and countless activities in Playa de las Canteras like beach-tennis, sailing, windsurfing, kayaking, SUP, etc. Each activity is age-appropriate, where children will be divided into small groups and supervised by our own teachers. You can’t miss it!
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