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Infant School in Madrid (Conde de Orgaz)

Brains International School Conde de Orgaz sets itself apart from other nursery schools in Madrid by offering an innovative methodology for students to naturally learn English in a friendly and personalised environment. Our pupils are guaranteed continuity in our private international schools, at either Brains María Lombillo (Arturo Soria area of Madrid) or at Brains La Moraleja (Alcobendas area of Madrid).


Infant International Programme

Young Learners (1-year-olds)

In Brains, we strongly believe that combining the International Curriculum, Multiple Intelligences and our Sensory Development Programme is the key to offer our youngest ones a successful and integral education. We provide an ideal learning environment entirely in English, full of opportunities, love and entertainment.

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Brains Education

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Sensory stimulation

In Brains Orgaz, we provide our students with the necessary tools to improve sensory stimulation and perception in order to develop discovery learning. We create stimuli-packed environments that, with the correct frequency and intensity, encourage action and experimentation for our students’ overall development.


Our weekly swimming lessons are aimed at the students’ psychomotor development from an early age. It is the perfect activity to stimulate the musculoskeletal and cardiocirculatory system, as well as being ideal exercise from a recreational and therapeutic point of view. 


We work with simple programming tools that allow our students to develop necessary thinking skills to solve problems and prepare us for further educational stages. Some of these tools are Bee-Bots, Cod-a-pillars and Robot Turtles.


Our students in Brains Orgaz can enjoy a weekly violin period following the Suzuki Method philosophy. This system is based on the assumption that every child has a specific ability which can be developed and enhanced through training.


Teaching chess in infants and nursery education enhances concentration, visual memory, reading comprehension, and logical and formal thinking. It is commonly linked to mathematics due to its computing power and clear thinking, leading to an overall development of the student’s intelligence.


In our weekly French classes, we learn to use this foreign language as an instrument for communication, representation and enjoyment. Children begin to identify different sounds and practice their pronunciation through basic phonemes.


Learning the German language from an early age allows students to develop comprehension and oral expression skills by playing fun games and learning new songs.


We work daily on stimulating and enhancing motor, cognitive and social skills by learning through play, allowing them to improve their learning abilities.


We offer weekly music classes aimed at developing oral and instrumental expression, promoting movement skills and introducing musical language to use music as a transdisciplinary educational tool.


Fully Equipped


Our classrooms are equipped with interactive whiteboards and iPads. They are educational environments with natural light, decorated with the crafts that our little artists make throughout the school year.


Children can enjoy the sun and outdoors in different age-specific playgrounds, where they can play different games in safe, rubber mulch floors approved under European regulations.

Swimming pools

Our school has an indoor, saltwater swimming pool for students and families to enjoy.


Our library is packed with books of all types of colours, sizes and languages to promote the pleasure and habit of reading in our students.


Our gym is used to practice sport daily with students of all ages. This allows them to develop healthy habits and love for sport from an early age.

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Good Manners

In Brains International Schools, we strongly believe in the importance of good manners as an indispensable part of our students’ education. Good manners are essential to develop confidence, respect, control and building positive relationships among our students. The activities we work on are table manners, mutual respect, politeness, teaching magic words from an early age such as please & amp; thank you, lowering your voice, knocking before entering, etc.


From a very young age, our students effortlessly learn basic behavioural rules in society.

Good manners will open doors that the best education cannot – Clarence Thomas

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Apple Distinguished School

One of the most important characteristics of the Brains International School Group has always been its ability to remain a benchmark in the field of educational innovation. This year, thanks to the unity and homogeneity of the educational project that exists in all Brains schools, Apple has awarded the Apple Distinguished School distinction and certification to the entire institution, making it one of the first in the world to obtain such recognition.

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Action Protocol

Brains International Schools is open for business. Our purpose is to continue to develop an educational project in which we offer our pupils a face-to-face, full-time academic programme, while taking into account at every level all the social distancing, and personal and preventive hygiene measures that are published by the different health and education bodies.

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‘As a mother and Principal in Brains Orgaz, it is impossible to feel more pride, passion and dedication towards my students and my daughters. Education is the most valuable asset our students can have, and I say this with a strong belief in what their eyes express: passion, happiness, laughter, self improvement, motivation and an appetite for learning. Being part of the Brains family will define you for the rest of your life.

Pilar Moreno

Principal at Brains International School Conde de Orgaz

Extracurricular activities at Brains Conde de Orgaz


Different learning levels, including fun lessons for babies and infants all year round.

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In our academy, we focus on certain aspects such as social relationships, skills and abilities, behaviour…

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Music School

Extracurricular activities with a special programme designed for children aged 3 and above, focused on Music and Movement.

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‘Ballet dancing is letting music transform your body into poetry’. 

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Extracurricular lessons in Madrid, designed to develop strategy and memory in children aged 3-5.

English Theatre

Theatre helps children develop self-esteem, group coexistence and respect, controlling their emotions,

English After School

This extracurricular activity offers the chance to improve the English language, in accordance with our project

(Español) Estimulación Multisensorial
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Summer Camp

Our Summer Camp is the perfect learning combination of English and fun to enjoy new experiences during the summer.
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Easter Camp

This Easter, enjoy your holidays thanks to our arts and sports activities specifically designed to learn through play, in English!
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