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Private international school in La Moraleja (Alcobendas)

Modern and spacious classrooms, our own personal swimming pool, a climbing wall, a football turf pitch, cutting-edge laboratories… all these outstanding facilities, along with the Brains Moraleja team of professionals, make this school an international education model year after year.


Evolution and development

Infants and Education

Our pre-primary school in La Moraleja (Alcobendas) follows the international curriculum for 1-5 year olds, 100% in English, encouraging language acquisition in a natural, effortless way. Our youngest students grow up in a warm environment, where we provide a personalised education to meet their needs and make them feel safe and happy.

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Brains education

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Sensory Development

Our multi-sensory development programme (based on the Snoezelen Method) provide a variety of stimuli in a comfortable, relaxed environment where the student can experiment, feel and discover.


Starting in Young Learners, Brains Moraleja students enjoy a weekly curricular swimming period in our semi-Olympic, heated, indoor swimming pool.

Robotics and programming

From a young age, students develop creativity, improve their critical, linguistic and mathematical-logical thinking, motor skills and teamwork through robotics and programming. Furthermore, Secondary students prepare for the FLL (First Lego League) for which they will have to build a robot in teams, programme it to overcome a series of missions and present their project before a jury.


Our pre-Primary students enjoy a weekly violin period following the Suzuki Method philosophy. This system is based on the assumption that every child has a specific ability which can be developed and enhanced through training. The main objective is not professional preparation, but enhancing the student’s integral development through music.

French and German

From 3 to 18 years old, our students begin to become familiar with French or German with two weekly periods of the language of their choice. This way, not only do they learn to communicate in these languages, but also become familiar with the main cultural and traditional aspects of all the different French and German-speaking countries.


KIVA’s primary purpose is to prevent and confront bullying through action protocols that guarantee a respectful coexistence. It is mainly aimed at attitude and behavioural change for so-called ‘by-standers’ (students who are not victims nor bullies) to learn to support the victim and openly confront any sort of abuse.


Thanks to a dynamic and educational approach, our expert teachers ensure that students gain sufficient knowledge on telemetry, adjustment, 3D modelling and texture design to build their own racing car. Simultaneously, they practise with real F1 simulators to verify the effect of the changes made.


In IT & Technology, students in Secondary 2 are divided into small groups, where they learn to programme drones with the Swiftplaygrounds app by using the Apple’s Swift programming language. Furthermore, they are taught to use the Free Flight Mini app to access their iPad by remote control.

Apple Distinguished School

One of the most important characteristics of the Brains International School Group has always been its ability to remain a benchmark in the field of educational innovation. This year, thanks to the unity and homogeneity of the educational project that exists in all Brains schools, Apple has awarded the Apple Distinguished School distinction and certification to the entire institution, making it one of the first in the world to obtain such recognition.

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Fully Equipped

Football pitches

The school is equipped with two astro-turf pitches where our students can train and compete like true professionals. Thus, our students have the use of five 5-a-side pitches and a 7-a-side one

Basketball courts

Our sports hall has 2 multi-purpose basketball courts and 4 minibasket courts. Outside, our students can enjoy 8 minibasket courts and 4 official-size courts.

Climbing wall

There are two climbing walls inside our sports hall: an 8-metre-high wall with 8 different climbing tracks, and a boulder, to practice bouldering the safest way possible.

Fitness room

Our fully-equipped fitness room offers students all the tools they need to keep their body and mind in shape, including: stationary bicycles, treadmills, wall bars, dumbbells, body workout machines, etc.

Padel courts

The school has 3 top-tier padel courts for our students and families to enjoy this booming sport.

Personal heated pool

Our indoor heated pool is 25 metres with 6 different lanes. There are showers both in the dome and in our 4 dressing rooms, as well as services tailored to the need of our smallest students. Its retractable dome allows us to optimise natural daylight by transforming into an open-air pool in the summer.


Brains Moraleja is equipped with 3 top-tier laboratories (Physics, Chemistry and Natural Science) where students can gain scientific knowledge in a practical and inspiring manner.

Ballet room

This beautiful room is used not only for Ballet purposes, but also for psychomotricity activities with our younger ones, funky classes and different body language activities.

Judo room

The enormous tatami covering the room helps our students practise sport without undergoing unnecessary risks.

Instrumental Music

This spectacular room is equipped with all sorts of instruments. Our students create, compose, sing and play their own tunes, developing their talent and passion for music.

Brains culinary experience

We have turned our dining rooms into learning environments, where we promote healthy, balanced diets by designing new areas. These spaces are an absolute explosion of colour where we can touch, smell and learn from what we eat; a dining classroom where students undertake responsibilities which will help them learn good habits and achieve greater autonomy. We cook homemade, balanced meals with first-class ingredients based on the Mediterranean diet. This allows students to improve their palate and curiosity through new products and gastronomic trends.

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2021 / 2022

Action Protocol

Brains International Schools is open for business. Our purpose is to continue to develop an educational project in which we offer our pupils a face-to-face, full-time academic programme, while taking into account at every level all the social distancing, and personal and preventive hygiene measures that are published by the different health and education bodies.

(Español) Más Información:

Ser Director y docente de Brains supone para mi un reto muy importante en cuanto a experiencias y aprendizajes. La ilusión con la que empecé el primer día prevalece y se aviva gracias a la recompensa que es ver a nuestros graduados, que nos recuerdan en sus visitas lo importante que somos en sus vidas al recorrer el camino de su formación juntos. Solo por eso merece la pena pertenecer a esta Institución.


Pedro Moreno

Co-principals in Brains International School La Moraleja

Extracurricular activities in Brains Moraleja


Con un gran equipo profesional, la Escuela de Waterpolo Brains ofrece, a alumnos a partir de los 7 años, un deporte que combina natación y juego con balón. Podrán jugar federados por la FMN. Para más información visita  Waterpolo Brains



Our teams are signed up to federation competitions starting in Primary 3. Our club provides qualified coaches for all ages (physiotherapist included) and personalised physical preparation for students in 3rd year of Secondary and above.

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Improve your technique in our astro-turf football pitch. Our teams take part in federation competitions from Primary 1. Our club provides qualified coaches for all ages (physiotherapist included) and personalised physical preparation for students in 3rd year of Secondary and above.

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In our swimming academy, students will practice every sporting discipline possible in a semi-Olympic pool: swimming, waterpolo, synchronised swimming and underwater hockey.

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Our main goal is to develop core competences in education. We focus on aspects such as social relationships, skills, talents, behaviour, concentration enhancement and self-discipline stimulation.

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Rhythmic gymnastics helps improve coordination, concentration, flexibility and muscle strength, as well as developing a sense of harmony, aesthetics and self-confidence.

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Supporting services

Services such as Speech Therapy, Kumon, Private Classes that will help our students to improve and master their skills.

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Climbing is a sport that improves our students’ security, self-sufficiency and self-esteem, while continuously allowing us to fight our fears.  Our climbing academy is divided into small groups in two indoor facilities: a climbing wall with more than 15 climbing tracks and another one for training.

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Each student chooses a project on which they wish to work on and the artistic material it will be made with (ceramic, plastic arts or artistic techniques). Every student will create their own personal artwork based on their interests.

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For those interested, we also help prepare for R.A.D (Royal Academy of Dancing) and ACADE (Private degree in Dancing certified by the Universidad Alfonso X El Sabio) exams with excellent results.

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The main motivation behind this activity is to teach students to develop proper social abilities such as public speaking, debating and forming opinions, as well as teaching them the necessary skills for their personal and professional future.

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The main objective of our workshop is that every student develops artistic skills to suit their personal abilities.
Promoting creativity and observation in a dynamic way, through the study of the main techniques of graphic-plastic expression. Ver video


Since 2016, Brains Music School is an authorised centre for elementary music teaching that allows students to course the four years of elementary level and achieve the corresponding qualification.


The new and innovative methodology we apply at our academy, Padel Optium, was created by the academy’s director Ramiro Choya and is followed by the best players in the world.


Our students work will be aimed at learning to programme, developing motor skills, overcoming specific challenges, working as a team and acquiring values. We take place in international competitions including FLL and clauTIC League.


Our students in Brains International School take both French and German classes up to Primary 3. In Primary 4, they opt to continue one of these languages. In this extracurricular activity, we offer the chance to continue coursing the language given up by the student in order to follow through with the Brains Schools multilingual project.

(Español) MUN Naciones Unidas

(Español) Los estudiantes asumen el rol de delegados de un país asignado y participan en un comité con otros estudiantes con el objetivo de discutir diferentes temas globales y llegar a un acuerdo, una resolución.

(Español) Funky

(Español) Con esta actividad de baile queremos que los alumnos, además de aprender a bailar, se diviertan, trabajen en equipo, aumenten sus niveles de psicomotricidad controlando los movimientos y su propio cuerpo y mejoren su la forma física.

(Español) Imagen y sonido

(Español) Esta actividad está dirigida a alumnos de 14 a 18 años.
Se les pretende involucrar en un programa que refuerce su adquisición de competencias culturales, artísticas y creativas, tecnológicas y de conocimiento, dentro del sector empresarial audiovisual.

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